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General Houston's Little Spy: A Texas Revolution Story

Young Samantha Russell wants only to marry her fiance, Danny Autry, and move to Texas.  But once there, they soon find themselves caught up in the Texan settlers' struggle against the Mexican dictator, Santa Anna, and his tyrannical rule.  After tragedy strikes at the Alamo, Samantha embarks on a dangerous mission to assist General Houston and his fledgling army in their fight against Santa Anna's superior military force.

Available Now! Sophia's Storm

This is an historical fiction novel centered around the 1900 Galveston Storm.  Guided by the spirit of her recently deceased Great Aunt Sophia,  Sophie Reiter finds her great-aunt's journal detailing her life during the worst storm in U.S. history along with information alluding to a long buried family secret.  Can Sophie figure out what  Aunt Sophia is trying to tell her from beyond the grave? 

Review for General Houston's Little Spy

Mr. Charles Williams, Executive Director of the Will Rogers Medallion Award Committee stated:   “The BRONZE Medal winner wrote an excellent story based on the Texas Revolution…Cara Skinner’s book called General Houston’s Little Spy achieved the bronze medal with a well-researched, well written story about a pivotal time in Texas.  It is a book that belongs in every public school library in Texas, as it brings to life in a very readable, clear and exciting way a confused and confusing episode in the fight for Texas Independence.”

Review for General Houston's Little Spy

Feathered Quill Says: Great for many age groups, this book proves that history can come alive if delivered by a writer who knows her subject and loves to research.

Review for General Houston's Little Spy

Five Star Reviews From Reader’s Favorite Reviewer : Sam’s account of the battle of the Alamo is stark and unadorned and is a marvelous introduction to Texas history for young readers.       Jack Magnus    Reader’s Favorite

Reviews for Sophia's Storm

Five Stars!  A marvelous piece of historical writing.... Sophia's Storm: The 1900 Storm is most highly recommended.  Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Reviews

A gripping historical novel written for young adults.  Sophia's Storm  is unquestionably a captivating tale of lives lost and battles won while shedding poignant insight on how the past can influence our future. 

SPR Classic Review

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